On March 3rd, Japanese celebrates Hina-matsuri, a festival celebrating girls. 

Hina-matsuri is an occasion to pray for young girls’ growth and their happiness.

It is said that Hina-matsuri, the custom of putting dolls on display, became popular in the Edo period.

The Hina-ningyo dolls are dressed in Heian period court costumes.

Hina-ningyo are decorated on a five or seven-tiered stand covered with a red carpet. , like this pitrure.

But today, the hina-ningyo are smaller with fewer dolls and as few as just one level to be suitable for Japanese houses and Japanese apartment.

We usually eat Chirashi-zushi, Hishimochi, Hina Arare and so on.

We want to inherit a wonderful Japanese culture like Hina-matsuri.
We pray for girl’s healthy growth and happy life at Hina-matsuri!



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