It is a fluffy chiffon gauze blanket with two layers of soft double-folded gauze.

The softness and smoothness of this blanket, which is warm but not musty, increases with every wash, giving you a very pleasant feel.

Superior water-absorbency and quick-drying property, you can use blanket even in summer.

As it encloses a moderate amount of air between the two layers, it retains heat and gives warmth in winter.

This 150 x 210 cm long blanket softly covers your body up to the neck.

Formalin-containing chemicals and chemical substances or finishing resins that are harmful to the skin are not used.

This product is safe and gentle for babies as well.

This product is manufactured in Japan and can be used in all seasons.

This product is really popular and we also recommend it as a gift to people who are important to you!

You can choose your favorite colour from 5 types of natural and gentle colors.

Use this product once and you can’t do without it!

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We have one in smaller size for baby! ↓





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