Perfect for celebrating the birth of a child !

This is a quilt set in which a dotted-pattern cover made of chiffon gauze is combined with a Thinsulate Ultra baby-sized comforter quilt.

Thinsulate is a high-performance filling material that has been researched and developed by 3M company.
The name has been derived by combining the words Thin and Insulate, and is based on the concept of “Warmer and Thinner”.

The Thinsulate Ultra comforter quilt has been made as an original product by our company with the high technical ability and thorough quality management only found in Japan.

As the padding does not produce much dust, it can be reliably used by both people with allergies and for children.
The padding is odorless, so there is no smell of down.

As this can be washed at home, it can be kept clean even if you spill milk on it or sweat gets attached to it.

【It is a fluffy chiffon gauze cover with two layers of soft double-folded gauze!!】

This is bedding cover that 2 layer of soft double gauze.

Comforter cover made from 100% cotton chiffon gauze that is user-friendly and carefully sewed.
Easy to wash as it dries quickly after washing.

Formalin-containing chemicals and chemical substances or finishing resin materials that are harmful to the skin are not used.

The product is manufactured with sincerity in Japan, and can be used safely even by children and people with sensitive skin.

This will directly touch your baby’s skin, so be sure to use a reliable Japanese-made product!